The back-to-school season is one of the best times to take your vehicle in for a tune-up and to make sure that everything, especially the brakes, is in proper working condition. Servicing your bra...

September 10th, 2017
Service Department

If you’re like most drivers, then you probably don’t give much thought to your cabin air filter. Cabin air filter replacement, however, should always be on your vehicle maintenance checklist. ...

August 10th, 2017
Service Department

Nobody wants to find out that their A/C isn’t working when they are stuck in their vehicle on a hot day. Keeping your vehicle cool during the summer is important for both your comfort and your s...

July 19th, 2017
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UV rays can be damaging to your skin, your furniture, and to your vehicle’s finish. Thankfully, just as there are steps you can take to protect your skin and furniture, so can you take steps to ...

June 23rd, 2017
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Spring is in the air — but it isn’t all blooming tulips and fuzzy bunnies. Motorists across the country know that spring brings with it the temperature changes and fluctuating precipitation th...

June 5th, 2017
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The countless potholes that seem to open up all over the road during the winter can do a number on the alignment of your wheels, and you shouldn’t wait too long to have it corrected. Regular whe...

May 10th, 2017
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The longer and warmer days near the end of winter signal that it’s time to start thinking about your first tire change of the year, as your winter tires will soon need to be flipped over to all-...

April 6th, 2017
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Winter driving – with its salt and sand and general grime – can leave your vehicle a little worse for wear. Thankfully, some simple springtime maintenance will usually be all it needs to recov...

April 1st, 2017
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Imagine yourself waiting in line at the gas station. You’re running late for work and now you’re just sitting there, idling, waiting for your turn at the pump. You grumble with frustration at ...

February 20th, 2017
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Keeping your auto in good condition makes sense on many levels. A smooth-running vehicle is more pleasant to drive, is more fuel efficient, and – crucially – is also much safer. While ...

February 1st, 2017
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