Hyundai Elantra GT stiffens up, gets new trans for 2017

01_2017-Hyundai-I30-Elantra-GT-2016-Paris-Motor-Show-RichardsonThe Hyundai i30 that’s sold in Europe is a variant of the Elantra that’s sold in North America, and the new i30 that debuted at the Paris show will be the Elantra GT when it comes to Canada later next year.

It’s thoroughly updated with better quality materials throughout and electronic driver’s aids in its software, not to mention all the connectivity buyers have come to expect in 2016. On the outside—well, Hyundai makes its own steel, so it’s 22 percent stiffer than before, for better handling. It’s not much lighter, but it’s stronger and apparently offers a quieter ride.

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