Signature Series

Our Commitment to Customer Service Excellence

What is the Hyundai Signature Program? It is a certification given to select Hyundai dealerships by Hyundai Canada that denotes a high level and consistency of quality and satisfaction. Milton Hyundai and other dealerships have gone through extensive analysis and examining in order to qualify for this prestigious certification. The certification itself means that you, our customer, can shop with greater transparency thanks to the high level of quality of service. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we will ensure that you drive away with the car you want in the condition you want it.

Total Satisfaction

From award-winning products to industry-leading customer service, our most important goal is to exceed your expectations.


Quality is at the heart of our guiding principles. It's the only way your Hyundai can become a reliable part of your family.


We are committed to standing-out from the competition by bringing the products, technology, and services that customers actually want.


With a focus on teamwork and staff empowerment, we are guided by integrity and passion to pursue excellence through continuous improvement.