Hyundai Will Take On The Ford Focus RS and Civic Type R With A New Super Hot Hatch

competition_octAfter a few almost-but-not-quite-there performance cars, Hyundai is finally getting serious about offering something that can really light your face on fire. The automaker recently formed its own N-brand performance division and the first car will gun for the Focus RS and Civic Type R.

Hyundai’s cooking up something called the i30N, according to a recent article from Car and Driver, and it’s based on the i30, which you’ve probably never heard of because it’s called the Elantra GT over here. It’s projected to be a front-driver making about 260 horsepower from a 2.0 liter turbocharged four, but that’s not all. Included in the i30N’s arsenal is a new suspension, a higher-capacity cooling system, structural reinforcement, and switchable active dampers.

There is also the possibility of an upgraded version with larger brakes, more power, and a limited-slip differential, because what’s the point of going extremely fast if you’re just going to kill yourself.

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