Hyundai’s Women v Men Study: When it Comes to Dating and Shopping for Cars, Women are More Sensible

Working through a first of its kind automotive media buy with Tinder, Hyundai Canada enlisted the help of celebrities Jasmine Lorimer and Joey Scarpellino to share their own perspective on the challenges and similarities in both dating and car shopping. Hyundai’s IONIQ campaign reveals interesting parallels between car shopping and dating: Men are more likely to care about their partner’s appearance while women care more about their car’s appearance.

Not surprisingly, the study found that women are more sensible than men whether shopping for a new vehicle or readying themselves for a date night out. 77 percent of women look for reliability in a potential partner, and 87 percent say they look for it in a car (compared to 66% and 80% of men).

Commissioned by Hyundai Auto Canada and powered by Maru/Matchbox the study also discovered that women are more likely to consider compatibility when dating and car shopping. Eighty percent look for compatible lifestyles with a partner (versus 69% of men); while 35 per cent of women consider compatibility when car shopping (compared to 29% of men).


Appearance still matters, too. For both genders, half (51%) of respondents said that when looking for a new car they consider appearance, and the same amount (51%) say they consider appearance in a potential partner. However, men are more likely than women to care about appearance in their partner (57% versus 45% for their car), while women are more likely to look for appearance in their vehicle (46% for a partner versus 57% for their car).

“There are a lot of similarities between dating and car shopping”, says Jasmine Lorimer. “I know I’m guilty of building a list of qualities that I look for in both and I was pleasantly surprised by the IONIQ – it’s fun to drive, full of all the necessary tech features and has a super sleek design.”

It’s not all fun and games: both dating and car shopping can be stressful. A third of Canadians (32%) say dating is stressful, and nearly half (48%) say car shopping is stressful. Perhaps more tellingly, fewer than 1 in 5 (16%) say they feel confident when car-shopping; for dating, that figure is similarly low (14%). While three quarters of Canadians (72%) find car shopping predictable, the Hyundai IONIQ makes the process even easier with an advanced, stylish vehicle packed with innovative technology making it equal parts eco-friendly and fun to drive.

“Dating and car shopping are more similar than you’d think. Both require a considerable amount of time, have long-term effects, and often involve diving into the unknown,” says Lawrence Hamilton, Director of Marketing, Hyundai Auto Canada. “But, no one should have to compromise. We created this campaign to demonstrate that, at least with car shopping, the IONIQ has it all – from dependability, style and even environmentally conscious features.”

Hyundai is offering Canadians the chance to win their own Hyundai Ultimate Date. From September 11 to March 18, contestants can “swipe right” on the Tinder app when they see the Hyundai-promoted profile to enter. Canadians can also enter the contest through a dedicated website, One winner will be selected every month for six months and will receive an evening chauffeured in the IONIQ and $200 for a night out on the town.