Hyundai Canada to Launch New Online Vehicle Shopping Platform

Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.  announced it is expanding the reach of its Hyundai Express Shopping digital platform by providing it to dealerships across the country for use on their websites — therefore giving customers the ability to organize and facilitate vehicle purchases online.

  • Customers will be able to arrange a vehicle purchase online this year through dealership websites using Hyundai Express Shopping
  • Hyundai will become the first mass-market automotive brand to enable online retailing for dealerships in Canada, including a digital shopping cart and checkout experience

Using the existing platform, currently accessible via Hyundai Auto Canada’s corporate website, customers can build-and-price vehicles, request a trade-in appraisal from their local Hyundai dealership, apply for credit approval for financing or leasing, and even schedule an appointment at the dealership of their choosing. This spring, Hyundai dealerships will have the option to incorporate Hyundai Express Shopping into their own websites via a dedicated URL; enabling them to provide their customers with a more convenient, customized, and local online vehicle shopping experience.

In addition to being able to build-and-price a vehicle online, customers will be able to see what the real trade-in value is for their current car, and will receive a final price in their digital shopping cart so they know exactly what they will pay for their new vehicle before visiting a dealership. Another update planned for the second-half of 2018 will include the ability for dealerships to agree on a bespoke price and also enable customers to make a credit card deposit online.

“The way in which customers purchase goods and services has evolved rapidly and continues to do so,” said Lawrence Hamilton, Director of Marketing with Hyundai Auto Canada. “After witnessing the success and developing key learnings from the centralized version of Hyundai Express Shopping launched on last June, we are ready to put the tool in the hands of each of our 217 dealers to better service the online needs of today’s car buyers during the final stage of their vehicle buying process. Should potential buyers choose to do everything online, they won’t need to go into a Hyundai facility during the sales process. This not only gives customers back their time, but it also provides our dealerships with the ability to deliver complete online sales capabilities through their own websites, becoming true omni-channel businesses.”

Hyundai Express Shopping currently has the ability to display national and regional offers, but moving forward, dealerships will have the opportunity to provide a customized quote back to their customers through the portal. Dealerships will also be able to include vehicle inventory information so customers will receive accurate delivery time estimates for their chosen vehicle.

“Hyundai Express Shopping aims to simplify the vehicle shopping and purchasing process for our customers,” said Hamilton. “It’s a win-win scenario. In making this platform available to all of our dealerships for use on their websites, we are giving them the opportunity to offer customers a modern, digital experience. For customers, this means they no longer need to visit a Hyundai dealership during business hours. They will be able to go through the online buying process in the comfort of their own home on a Tuesday at midnight, for instance. Indeed, anywhere as the service works on mobile devices too.”