The 2016 Hyundai Genesis

genesis_covWhen the heart turns to love, the 2016 Hyundai Genesis offers features and luxurious amenities that you’ll appreciate enough to give it to someone you love.

There’s Comfort and Styling

When your loved one settles into the MDI foam form-hugging premium NAPA leather seats and runs their hand over the available wood grain trim on the doors and dash, they’ll know you gave them the best. That wood grain has a slight texture that just feels expensive under the fingertips. It has been trimmed in genuine textured aluminum for an elegant finishing touch.

The leather has been applied through thermosetting technology that will keep the leather from wrinkling through use. Wrinkles can cause cracks in the leather, and this type of application keeps it smooth and easy to clean. The dense MDI foam gives support and comfort that helps the seats keep their shape.

As if comfort wasn’t enough, the available 16-way power adjustable driver’s seat adds to their overall sense of well-being when they’re able to find the exact fit behind the wheel. The power adjustments include the basic forward and backward settings, but it takes it a few steps further.

The thigh support lets them adjust the amount of support needed for their legs to rest comfortably; this is particularly important during long distance drives. Side bolsters make adjustments to their sides for an even snugger fit.

The Memory setting feature lets them save their favourite settings and recall them with a press of a button anytime they get in the car after someone else has been driving it.

Sound and Sky

genesis_intIt’s all about the sound, or at least the lack thereof, thanks to the cabin being enclosed by acoustically laminated glass within a sound cocoon. Hyundai uses a sound dampening film on both sides of the cabin glass in order to minimise the interference by outside noises.

With the sound dampened, it is much easier to enjoy the available Lexicon® sound systems for the ultimate in surround sound. Lexicon® has over 40 years of sound experience, and this system is built from their advanced digital processing. There is no bad seat in this house; there are 14 speakers placed in strategic locations within the cabin. Just imagine how wonderful their favourite music will sound in crisp definition coming from all of these speakers.

Look up and enjoy the view. With the optional panoramic sunroof, they will quickly notice that there is a spacious sky above or towering skyscrapers dominating the city landscape. This roof runs the length of the cabin so everyone is in a seat with a view.

Rear window shades let rear seat passengers control glare or heat while giving them a sense of privacy.

Sometimes, luxury comes hidden in the small things that make life convenient. Like the card-type proximity key that does the same job as the proximity key, but is a sleek device the same size and shape as a credit card. It fits easily in a wallet or purse.

The 2016 Hyundai Genesis comes in a coupe or sedan body style with a number of trim packages that let you choose between transmissions, wheels, high-tech features and so much more for that special someone.